RV Resort Visitor Information

RV Resort Site Rules & Regulations

Check in 1pm, Check out 11am.

Reservations: We recommend making your reservation in advance to ensure your preferred dates.  All RV Reservations require a deposit at time of booking to confirm site.  Nightly reservations require first night deposit. All holiday weekend reservations require a 1 night non-refundable deposit.  Monthly reservations require first two week deposit. The site is to be occupied only by the registered guests. Subletting of RV or site is not permitted without written approval of management.

Cancellations:  Nightly cancellations require 7 day notice prior to arrival date for refund (less a $20 processing fee.) Long Weekend cancellations are non-refundable.  Monthly cancellations require 30 day notice prior to arrival date for refund (less a $100 processing fee.) For Seasonal stays, if you wish to depart early; cancelling the remainder of your stay; one month notice must be provided on the 1st of the month for the following month departure (less a $100 processing fee).  All late cancelations and early departures are subject to the full reservation charges.

The cancelation terms above still apply in the event of unforeseen emergencies including personal health, weather, and COVID-related travel restrictions.

As we strive to keep the RV Resort looking pristine and the atmosphere comfortable for all guests, we ask that you abide by the following rules: 

Maximum Resort Speed: The speed limit is 10 km/hr throughout the property. There are a lot of young children and pets, so please be very careful. Make sure to follow the directional arrows when driving in the RV resort.

Quiet time is 10 pm: Please respect your neighbours and other guests, by not playing loud music or talking loudly past this time. Please use consideration when using sound systems during the day as well.

Generators: Generators are permitted to be used in our dry camping sites from 9 AM to 6 PM daily.

RV Sites: Each RV site is designated for one RV and one vehicle, to a maximum of two vehicles if they fit within your specific site, not encroaching on the cedar hedges, bark mulch, the resort road or your neighbour’s site.

Extra Vehicles: Each RV Site includes parking for a tow vehicle and one other vehicle. Should you or your guests require parking for additional vehicles, a pass must be issued at the office and the RV site is subject to a parking fee of $10/day. Vehicles are to be parked in appropriate spaces in lower lot and must display valid parking pass or be subject to tow at owners expense. Vehicles parked in Boat Trailer parking may be subject to tow at owners expense.

Please ensure your RV slide-outs are not touching the cedars upon setting up or you will be asked to re-adjust.

One tent is allowed per site, for family members only, in addition to an RV, as long as it fits within the same criteria listed above. (Tents are not allowed in the RV full-serviced sites without an RV)

Boat Trailers: Can be stored in your RV site only if they fit within your specific site, not encroaching on the cedars, bark mulch, the resort road or your neighbour’s site. Boat Trailer storage is available, please check in with the office for ability and fee schedule.

Campfires: Are permitted in the designated fire pits provided in your site and must be attended at all times and flames must not exceed the fire ring. DO NOT burn scrap wood, treated wood, construction wood, no nails or garbage. In the event of a campfire ban charcoal briquettes stoves and propane fires may be permitted. Please do not put cigarette butts, cans or garbage of any sort in the fire pits. Firewood: Sold by the bundle at the office or by phone with a credit card. We will be happy to deliver it to your site. No scrap wood, no wood with nails and no garbage is to be burned. Do not remove firewood from other sites or areas of the Resort.

Fire Pits: Are not to be moved without RV Crew approval and assistance. A charge will be applied for unauthorized moves and subsequent cleaning.

Picnic Tables: Please do not put portable BBQs on the picnic tables without heat/grease protection underneath them. It is appreciated if you do not pile firewood or other rough type items on the tables.

Cedars, Trees & Landscaping: Please help us keep the resort green and refrain from tying ropes, bungee cords or anything else to our cedars and shrubbery. Please ensure your BBQ and fire pit are a minimum away from the cedars so they do not get burnt. (If you singe or burn the cedars you may be liable for the cost of replacement)

Cutting or removal of wood within the resort is prohibited.

Pets: We welcome your well behaved four legged friends, 2 pets/RV Site are complimentary. Due to increasing cost of maintenance and supplies, a pet fee of $5/day will be applied if there are more than 2 pets/RV site. Please use the bags provided around the Resort to pick up after your pets. All pets are to remain leashed unless in designated off-leash areas and RV Site holder is responsible for the behavior of the pets and picking up after them. Please do not leave pets in your site unattended.

Please pick up all pet droppings. Small bags are provided at the dispensers throughout the resort. Once used, please dispose of these as garbage, do not leave them in the brush. Please do not allow pets to dig in the cedar bark mulch. If your pet is excessively noisy, aggressive or you fail to follow pet rules may result in the pet and the owner being asked to leave.

Garbage / Tidiness: Please help us keep our resort clean. Garbage and recycling bins are located at the front entrance to the RV resort. Please place all garbage into garbage bags and tie securely before placing in the dumpsters. Please do not litter cigarette butts on the ground or in the fire pits. Notice: We have many raccoons and wild life in the area. Secure all attractants by disposing of before end of day.

Guests are responsible for the tidiness of their site. Non-compliance may result in being asked to leave. Guests are expected to leave their site clean upon departure. Failure to do so may result in additional fees being charged for additional clean-up and/or repair.

Children: Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children. All children must be accompanied by an adult when near the steep banks above the water and on the marina dock.

Children are not to use the laundry room and washrooms as play areas. Children under the age of 16 must return to their RV site by 10 pm unless accompanied by an adult.

Smoking: Please be very careful with cigarette ashes and always dispose of butts in appropriate containers. The ground can be very dry here during the summer months and fire hazards can be extreme. Please do not put butts in the fire pits or on the ground. For the comfort of all guests please take note of signage around the resort where smoking is prohibited.

Alcoholic Beverages: Please drink responsibly. Open alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside your site.

Profanity: Profanity, abusive or loud language and other objectionable or disturbing behaviour will not be tolerated.

Visitors: Registered RV guests entertaining visitors will be responsible for their guest’s behaviour and responsible for any damage incurred. Guest in RV Sites: Each reservation is based on occupancy of 4. Any additional guests are to be registered at the office and the RV Site is subject to an additional charge of $5/guest.

Bunkies: Our dry camping bunkies require a $150 deposit at check-in. Any damages or removal of furnishings will result in charges deducted from deposit and potential additional fees. If additional cleaning or maintenance is required, the guest will be invoiced and charged. Maximum four guests. Fees based on double occupancy, additional guests at $10/person. Parking for 1 vehicle. No pets allowed, no exceptions.

RV / Vehicle Washing / Mechanical Repairs:  Are not allowed within the RV Resort area.

Liability: All guests are responsible for their security on the site and the security of their belongings. Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. All facilities are used by guests at their own risk.

 Firearms / Fireworks: The display or use of firearms and fireworks is strictly prohibited.

Wildlife: Please do not feed any wildlife within the resort this includes the use of bird feeders. Avoid leaving out attractants, such as garbage, food, unattended pets.

Relocation: Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina reserves the right to relocate guests to best serve the needs of all guests and the business.

Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina reserves the right to require any guest or visitor to leave if they do not comply with the above mentioned Rules & Regulations, cause a disturbance or are abusive to staff or other guests.

 We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us. If you need assistance or notice anything that requires attention, please notify one of our crew members.