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About the Area

About Vancouver Island

Home to Victoria, British Columbia’s historic capital, ancient rainforests, and quaint surf towns, Vancouver Island is brimming with fascinating communities from end to end. The area’s natural beauty is immense, with stunning shorelines, a dramatic storm-watching season, and abundant wildlife. Hiking, biking, golfing, camping, and ocean adventures abound; there is an adventure for everyone. And for those who prefer a less action-filled lifestyle, the Island offers world-renowned dining options, wine tours, lively breweries, artisanal boutiques, transcendent spas, and more. It’s little wonder so many who come for a visit never want to leave.

About the Gulf Islands

Nestled within the serene waters of British Columbia's coastline, the Gulf Islands offer boating enthusiasts an unparalleled maritime experience. Situated between Vancouver Island and the mainland, this archipelago is a maritime haven celebrated for its breathtaking natural landscapes and tranquil waters.

The Gulf Islands, characterized by their rugged shorelines, lush forests, and diverse wildlife, comprise over 200 islands, each with its own unique charm. Boaters are drawn to these waters not only for their stunning vistas but also for the diverse range of activities they offer. From leisurely sailing and cruising to exhilarating kayaking, the Gulf Islands present a playground for seafaring adventurers of all levels.

Nature's Playground

At Pedder Bay RV Resort and Marina, we’ve curated a group of friendly, welcoming and helpful people who love the RV and boating life as much as you, our top priority is your enjoyment and comfort. This dedicated Crew ensures you’re well taken care of so you can enjoy nature and your time on the water. Spacious sites, new Bunkies, a vibrant marina, guided fishing charters, rental boats, and accessing our many amenities: our Crew is here to help make your stay unforgettable!

We acknowledge and respect that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Sc’ianew First Nation, also known as Beecher Bay First Nation. We recognize the Sc’ianew First Nation whose historical relationship to the land continues to this day.
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