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Marina FAQ

Boat Rentals
What days of the week and times of year can I rent a boat?

Our boat rentals are open all year round and every day of the week, weather dependant.

Can I reserve a rental boat?

At this time, our boat rentals are first come, first served.

Do you need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) to rent a boat?

No, a PCOC is not required to rent a boat. If you do not have one, you will walk through a Rental Boat Safety Checklist to be issued a day permit.

Is there an age requirement to rent a boat?

Minimum age to rent a boat WITHOUT a PCOC is 21. Minimum age WITH a PCOC is 19. All boat drivers must present a drivers license, and a valid credit card for deposit.

Can I use a debit card to rent a boat?

Yes, however, you will need a credit card (*not a visa debit) to make a pre-authorized payment first.

Can I rent a boat as a non-resident of Canada?

Yes, you just need to present a drivers license or photo id from your home country.

Can I go fishing while renting a boat?

Yes, you can! You may bring your own gear, or rent fishing rods (jigging & trolling), tackle boxes, downriggers, and crab traps.

Do you need a fishing licence to fish?

Yes. You must have a license to fish tidal (salt) waters, which we can issue in our Office for either a 1,3, 5 days, or Annual license.

What if I want to fish on vacation but I don't have fishing gear?

You can only rent fishing gear if you are renting a boat. Our General Store also has fishing gear for sale.

How do I know what type of fish I can catch and what the limits are?

We provide an updated list of all fish in-season at our Office and Fuel Dock. You can also visit this website.

Are there private fishing charters based out of your Marina?

Yes. For a current list of Charters, please visit our fishing charters page.

Do you have a fish table to clean your fish?

Yes! It is located at the bottom of our Marina ramp.

Do you sell fish bags?

Yes! Our Guest Services Attendants in the Marina Office can assist you.

Launch Ramp
Can I access the ocean with my boat, SUP or kayak?

Yes. Daily launch & parking is available for $10/day, $90 for a 10-Pass Punch Card, or $200 for an Annual Pass.

Do I receive any proof of payment when launching?

Yes. We will issue you an itemized receipt which you need to display on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Are there specific parking spaces for boat trailers?

Yes. Please park between the spaces marked with yellow lines. The spaces marked with white lines are for visitors without boat trailers.

Where should I park my boat trailer if the parking lot is full?

Our field will be open for any overflow parking.

Do you accommodate liveaboard moorage?

We do not permit Liveaboard Moorage, only Guest, Monthly & Annual Moorage.

What vessel lengths does your Marina accommodate?

18' to 56' vessels.

What is the amperage of your slips?


Do you have a fuel dock?

Yes. Our Fuel Dock serves gas.

RV Resort FAQ

Can I stay in the RV Resort long term?

Our RV Resort has an allowable maximum stay of 6 months. After that period, guests are required to leave for at least 1 month and re-apply to visit again.

How many people can stay in a site?

Our site bookings are based upon 4 people per reservation. Additional guests are $5 a day/person up to 6 guests.

Do the RV Sites accommodate tents?

Yes. 1 tent is permitted alongside an RV in an RV site for family members. Our Unserviced, Dry-Camping area is seasonal and accomodates 1 tent/site.

Is the wifi connection strong?

Our wifi is best used for browsing and email. If you need to stream a lot, we recommend contacting Shaw and setting up your own internet account with them.

Can I get mail delivered to the Resort?

Please set up a PO Box, as we are not responsible for mail unless it's urgent.

Are pets allowed?

Pets must be on a leash at all times, unless in our Off-Leash Dog Park. If there are more than 2 pets visiting, each additional pet is $5/day.

Do guests need to come with their own bedding and camping equipment?

Yes. Should you wish to purchase an item, arrangements can be made in our Office.

Are pets allowed in the Bunkies?


How many people can stay in a Bunkie?

Our Bunkies are based on double occupancy but can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests. Additional guests are $10/person.

Is there parking for a vehicle?

Yes. There is parking for 1 vehicle.

What is the minimium and maximum number of nights you can stay?

Minimum is 2 nights; maximum is 7 nights.

Do the bunkies have water, electricity and refrigeration?

Our Bunkies do not have water or refrigeration. However, there are lanterns for use that have an outlet for charging a phone. Bathrooms and showers are a short walk away. (Bunkie electricity is coming soon)

Do the bunkie sites accommodate tents?

Yes. 1 tent is permitted in a Bunkie site. Additional guest fees will apply.

Do the bunkie sites accommodate RVs?


Are the bunkies smoke-free?

Yes. Please do not smoke, vape, or use cannabis in the Bunkies or on their porches. Smoking of any kind is prohibited and a deep cleaning fee will be applied if not adhered to.

Can you cook inside the Bunkies?

No. Please do not cook or have any open flame inside the Bunkies.

Is there a deposit upon check-in?

Yes, our Bunkies require a $150 deposit at check-in.

Tent Camping
Is your Dry Camping area open all year round?

Our Dry Camping area is open from spring to fall and it is closed during the winter.

How many tents can you put up?

1 tent per site is permitted

What is the maximum number of nights you can tent camp?

7 nights.

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